Dealing with bullshit in life makes me so angry sometimes. 



Here’s my first digital painting for illustration. It’s not done, and I feel like I have a lot to change. I spent a lot of time rendering the figure, and now I feel that the cartoonish background is taking away from the quality of the figure. Plus, they don’t mesh well on the composition. I’m not sure what to do to change it. I think I need to mess around with the color palette. Any comments and critique are welcome. 

Doing this for Andrew and Caitlin. Took me a long time to think of that list Andrew, and I’m still debating on some of the choices.

1.) If you had to kill a man (or woman, but preferably a man) with a fruit of your choice which would you choose? Something tough, maybe an apple. An apple a day keeps my mortal enemies away. 
2.) What do you find interesting? Art, Art History (in most cases)

3.) If you had a pet right now like it was just given to you like a minute ago what would you name it?

Wash :c
4.) Do you believe picking your nose is an acceptable bad habit?
Don’t do it in public. Sometimes you have to get in there and get things cleared out, but always do it in the bathroom. And always wash your hands afterwards. 
5.) What is your number 1 dream vacation spot?
Remote location where I can’t be bothered. Maybe a village in Japan. 
6.) How do you feel about disco?
7.) Which pokemon is your favourite?
8.) What is your favourite video game and why?
Too hard of a question. (but maybe Warcraft 3 because it was not only one of the best RTS games ever, it had a shit ton of mods that were also brilliant games.)
9.) If you had a time machine would you go hang out with dinosaurs?
If they didn’t kill me, sure. 
10.) Which is your favourite elevator?
The one that works 
11.) The age old question: Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, and Vanilla coke is the shit

1) Aside from anything related to computers and technology, what’s your favorite thing to do? Traditional art, drawing, sketching. Also playing card games and board games. 
2) Favorite album of all time? Demon Days - Gorillaz
3) What/Who do you feel to be the most under appreciated artist or movie?
4) Favorite season of the year? Summer
5) Enough favorites, if you could be the world’s best at something, what would you be? Concept Artist. 
6) If you were stranded in the woods for a week, what five items would you want to take to survive? Assuming technology like a GPS phone doesn’t count:  Knife, Flint, Canteen, Blanket, Backpack
7) Happiest moment in the past month? Going to Savannah with Caitlin
8) What are you most excited for in the next few months? Getting better at painting digitally. 
9) Do you work better on no sleep or full sleep? I can work with either to be honest. Although, I’d always prefer a full night sleep. 
10) This is rough. It’s hard to think of questions. Digital clocks or analog? Both
11) Cats or dogs? Both


In NO particular order because fuck figuring that out.

Diablo 2, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Warcraft 3 (moan), Galaga, Mortal Kombat 9, Dota 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Hearthstone, Terraria, Pokemon Emerald. 

Would anyone be interested in a painting stream tonight?


A quick little summary of the day with toxicminded.

Pretty fun. Went out to lunch at a Scottish pub to celebrate being together for about a year, and then sat in Planet Fun for around two hours looking through MTG cards while our friend got her tattoo shaded.

Overall a nice day.

Every once in awhile my friends and I get together and play a Mario Kart 8 Drinking game called Drinking and Driving. Basically, you start each race with 1/4 of a beer, and have to drink it by the end of the race. Although, you can’t drink your beer while accelerating. I made these certificates for fun so we could cherish the wins and never forget the salty losses.

(The Date and Name go in the bottom right and left hand corners of the certificate.)

I really hope that one day all this hard work pays off, and I’ll be a concept artist and graphic designer. This is seriously the only thing I want to achieve in life.

I really hope that one day all this hard work pays off, and I’ll be a concept artist and graphic designer. This is seriously the only thing I want to achieve in life.

Utopia is a really good show so far. 

Do I need Divinity:Original Sin?

I think I need Divinity:Original Sin. 

Fuck it. 

I’m streaming.